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 End of July, 2009 

    Vol. 1 #7

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If you agree with everything in this e-zine you have not read it closely enough
Articles are presented in chronological order.   NCMHPC  & AMHA-USA take no stand on any of the materials presented here.  We are just alerting you to what is going on in the media.  Knowledge is power.
Politics & Policy:

Politics & Policy

06 & 07-09 Obama’s Talking Points

6/24/09 The Real Cost of Health Care

6/09   Include Human Rights in Health Care Reform -- Give Single Payer a Seat at the Table

7/1/09 Medicaid and Medicare for All

7/1/09 The Coming ObamaCare Layoffs

7/1/09 The Trojan Horse That’s Killing Healthcare Reform

7/2/09 Help Me

7/3/09 Why It's Easy to Steal From Medicare

7/5/09 HELP is on the way

7/6/09 A look at health care plans in Congress

7/6/09 No HAPI Ending

7/6/09 In Defense of the Frail Elderly

7/7/09 Need for federal insurance czar is questioned

7/7/09 Of NICE and Men

7/8/09 Republicans Gather To Fight Obamacare

7/10/09 Democrats Are at Odds on Financing Health Care

7/10/09 Health Insurer's Practices Revealed – Moyer’s Journal Video

7/11/09 The Massachusetts Health Mess

7/11/09 The Failed Promises of Government Funded Health Care


7/14/09 How Will Doctors Handle Uncle Sam Health Care?

7/14//09 EQUAL Analysis: HR 3200 Delays Public Plan, Skirts Affordability

7/18/09 We Are What We Treat

7/19/09 Why We Must Ration Health Care

7/19/09 Kennedy: Let’s Ration Health Care

7/20/09 Government health care plantation looms

7/20/09 Health-Care Reform: Why Not Try Ownership?

7/20/09 What’s Up Docs?

7/21/09 Health Bill: Big Lobbying Fight Means Big Money

7/21/09 An Ideologue in a Hurry

7/22/09 How to Make Health-Care Reform Bipartisan

7/22/09 Arrogance

7/23/09 Bumpy Road for Reform

7/23/09 Obama Moves to Reclaim the Debate on Health Care

7/23/09 Senate Delays Health Vote Until Fall; Pressure Mounts on House

7/23/09 Don't Trust the AMA

7/23/09 Healthcare Policy, Social Justice and Thugs

7/23/09 Health Commissioner Would Answer Only to Obama, Otherwise Unchecked

7/24/09 Why Obamacare Is Sinking

7/24/09 H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, District by District Impact

7/25/09 Shona's Health Care Nightmare

7/25/09 CBO deals new blow to health plan

7/26/09 Our New Medical Judges?

7/26/09 Dr. Obama’s Tonsillectomy

7/27/09 Wrong Big Picture, Dangerous Fine Print

7/28/09 Reading the Fine Print in the Health Care Bill

7/28/09 Is There a ‘Right’ to Health Care?

7/29/09 Obama’s Great Health Scare

7/29/09 Dems Want Gov't to Control Health Decisions


7/30/09 House Health-Care Bill Would Establish 'Medical Homes' for the Elderly and Disabled

7/31/09 Obamacare: Not Waterloo, Just a Tactical Retreat

7/31/09 My Two-Point Plan for Health Care


Things are moving fast!
UHCAN site for updates

Important Reading:
7/28/09 The Kaiser Family Foundation issued several new resources related to the national debate about comprehensive health reform:
These resources are available through the Foundation's health reform gateway page at, a centralized source for key information and analysis about national health reform efforts now being considered by Congress. The gateway also includes original policy and public-opinion research, columns from Kaiser President Drew Altman, and relevant news summaries produced by Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent health policy news service established by the Foundation.
Ongoing Commentary:

Comment on the Political Positions of NCMHPC

The NCMHPC has endorsed and will continue to endorse legislation that promotes mental health and substance abuse care.  Although the NCMHPC does not endorse any specific method of delivery of care or paying for care, for example, we have endorsed legislation that provides for government expenditures for care.  We will continue to support mental health legislation when the provisions do not undermine choice, quality, access, and privacy. 

William A. MacGillivray, PhD, ABPP
President, National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers
7 Forest Court, Knoxville, TN 37919

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For Professionals:

Ken Pope has created a web page to help professionals to find volunteer opportunities that best fit the professional's interests, values, and available time.

Rumor Alert:

Too often practitioners learn of coming changes only by chance. Anthem – CA Blue Cross may be planning, as of Jan 2010, to manage all out patient mental health services. The word is they will only authorize 12 sessions to any provider (in or out of network), after which, providers will have to submit treatment plans.


Many of the links in this e-zine are to newspaper articles.  These links often  expire.  If they have expired, you most likely will still find them at the internet archive.  Copy the expired link and then click here and paste the expired link in the box next to the button that says Take Me Back.  Then click the button and you will most likely find the article.  If it is not there chances are you are out of luck.

Future Issues:

Contributions to future issues of this e-zine are  invited and appreciated.  Please send original contributions as well as links to information you feel is pertinent to .  We can not guarantee that any submission will be used. 

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